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Animal Symbolism & Dreams

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Lately I have been surrounded by animal energy. I find that they like to pop in and remind me to come down when I become a little less grounded than I should be. They also let me know when there is something going on that I may not be aware of or to verify something that I'm feeling. This week they have been coming to me through dreams. When this happens be sure to take note of everything going on as it is key to figuring out what message they are trying to relay. What kind of animal is it? How is it behaving? Is it deceased or alive? Injured? What color is it? What was going on in your dream when you encountered it? How did it make you feel? All of these things will help you put the puzzle together.

When they make themselves known to me while I am awake I usually see the same animal or multiple quite a few times in one particular day or week and I know its time to sit down and listen and see what they are trying to let me know. A lot of times it can also be a message from someone that has passed away or they may be trying to let you know they are with you. When this happens I just know instantly, its not something I have to sit down and piece together I feel in intuitively...

What messages have they been trying to send you?

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