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Spiritual Practice

Everyone's spiritual practice is different and unique. I would also say that through the years they can change as well. I know mine has. While still a big part of my practice I don't do as much spell work as I did when I was a teen. It seemed then that I needed to do a spell for every little thing and if I didn't perform them almost daily I wasn't a witch. I've always been a witch, down to my bones and I was letting other peoples definition of witch define me. Put me in a box. Categorize me and my practice. Now much more thought and intent goes into my spells and the outcomes show that.

As an adult my daily craft involves daily tarot spreads, ritual baths with whatever herbs, oils and salts that I need or are called to, ritual meals and teas, spirit communication when someone comes through or I feel drawn to communicate, working in my journal (which most would call a book of shadows, but that name never resonated with me- more about that in next post), spell work if I'm feeling called or have something to take care of, working with my plants and much more (but I'll save them for other posts:)).

To all the witches and wild souls out there I say create your own witchy and wild path. Read all the witchcraft and spiritual books that there are (I do) but only take what resonates with you. This is your life and your path let your intuition guide you.

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