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Those Sacred Books...

In my last entry I said that the name Book Of Shadows never resonated with me. Which is true, it felt commercially to me. So I've never referred to my "sacred journals" by that term. But while we are talking about it, what is a Book of Shadows? And what is a grimoire? Technically a Book of Shadows is a book you create filled with all your personal creations, rituals, spells, recipes, dream interpretations etc. The keyword here is personal. A grimoire is similar but not as personal and contains correspondences, rituals, pretty general witchy information that most witches use.

To me (personally) they are practically one in the same and that is the reason I have my journals with my personal craft, dream entries, spirit communications and all other witchcraft information I've gathered over the years together and don't divide them. Through the years it has turned into a collection. Some I have even hidden in treasured and nostaglic places...

Do you have a Book Of Shadows? A Grimoire? Both? or do you blend them like I do?

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